Murphy-Harpst Residents Attend Girls’ Empowerment Camp


This summer, several of the girls at Murphy-Harpst had the opportunity to attend “Girls’ Empowerment Camp” with Rachael Bozsik. Rachael is a highly respected coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, and for this incredible week, she created a 51-page workbook for the girls to use, complete, and keep.  The young ladies thrived in this exciting camp where each day focused on a different aspect of branding and business.

The Girls’ Empowerment Camp included guest speakers such as Michaela Mucha, graphic designer for Disney, and Faith Jones, author and Netflix star, Zoomed in each day to talk about topics like self-care, goal setting, support for each other, and effective communication.

Murphy-Harpst attendees were engaged, excited, and so supportive of each other, and we are so thrilled for them! The participants concluded the week by opening a pop-up store on campus to sell jewelry they had made.


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