An Alliance of Children and Family Services Providers


Together Georgia is a preeminent voice in Georgia’s child and family welfare policy-making through Advocacy, Collaboration, Networking, and Communication.

What We Do

Together Georgia empowers member organizations to maximize their impact and outreach by connecting fellow service providers and advocating for them and the families they serve.

Advocating for a wide range of service providers including

Child Caring Institutions
Child Placing Agencies
Intensive Residential Providers
Mental Health Service Providers
Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
Family Preservation & Support Services Providers

Together Georgia provides members with resources and opportunities to impact public policy, state trends, and issues impacting children and families.

Gwen Skinner

Vice President of Operation
Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Who We Are

Together Georgia is a network of child and family service providers dedicated to promoting the welfare of children and families across the state. Our member agencies work together to create sustainable solutions for complex challenges facing vulnerable and at-risk populations.

Tools and Opportunities

Together Georgia provides members with tools and opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and advocate for the children and families they serve. 

Building Connections

Together Georgia is built on connections. Our member organizations are able to better serve children and families across the state thanks to our strong legacy of advocacy and public policy action.

Getting Together

Together Georgia members know the value of getting together to share trials and triumphs. From large-scale annual conferences to tailored professional training sessions; we ensure that our members have plenty of opportunities to learn, grow, and connect.

Join or Support Us

Together Georgia takes an active role in transforming public policy to serve children and families who need it most. You can be a part of the life-changing work that we do by getting involved today!

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