Goshen Homes Celebrates 10 Reunifications


"The Goal" for children in foster care is successful reunification with their family of origin. Together Georgia Member Goshen Homes recently reunified 10 children with 4 families of origin. Goshen Homes is designed for reunification. We believe that the best place for a child is with their family, if their family can get healthy and stable. While adoptions do happen occasionally, our main priority is for kids to end up back in their family. We are thrilled to say that in July we celebrated 10 youth returning to their families!

The 2 Campbell* siblings were reunited with their mother, the 4 Dean* siblings were adopted by older cousins, the 3 Reyes* siblings were reunited with their mother, and Abe* was adopted by his Aunt and Uncle, while his 18-year-old brother is choosing to stay in long-term foster care.

While we love the pictures that come with an adoption celebration, we want to celebrate family reunifications just as much! There is no better example of Goshen Homes living out its mission than the above 4 families coming back together! Not only were all of these sibling groups placed together during their time in care (another key component of Goshen Homes' mission), they are leaving foster care returning to healthy families! *names changed to protect privacy


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