Executive Director

Organization Name


Bowdon, GA

Opening Date

April 22, 2022

Closing Date

June 30, 2022


The Executive Director has overall leadership responsibility for KidsPeace Georgia Residential Programs. The primary focus is on the internal operations of the organization, ensuring the safety of kids and quality of programs, organizational compliance with regulatory authorities, subsidiary coordination, budget accountability, and program and fiscal growth.

Job Duties / Essential Functions

1. Child Safety & Quality: Assure the safety of Kids and the quality of programs consistent with the mission of KidsPeace and the Model of Care.
2. Regulatory & Legal Compliance: Assure organizational compliance with all regulatory, accrediting, licensing, legal, and other authorizing bodies.
3. Budget Targets & Service Delivery: Meet or exceed overall budget targets while maintaining effective operations and delivering quality services and outcomes.
4.Lead Operations: Coordinate services to leverage synergies and create efficiencies, optimize operations ability to generate revenue via program expansion, enhancements and through philanthropic and government sources.
5. Growth and Margins: Establish priorities and align resources to increase margins and focus growth in conjunction with organizational strategies. Oversee the process of new business development and program expansion; create and facilitate merger/acquisitions, strategic alliance and other opportunities.
6. Performance Improvement and Goal Setting: Lead the performance improvement process which consistently evaluates and improves operational systems, inter and intra-departmental coordination and efficiencies, corporate and client outcomes, and vital signs.
7. Support and Culture: Build a culture that integrates the development of the organization and ensures standards consistent with KidsPeace philosophies. Work to enhance contribution to KidsPeace objectives, mission, vision, values and model of care.
8. Government and Community Relations: Assure success and meaningful participation in regional community relations through Boards of Associates, civic membership representation, hosting visits from and conducting visits to federal and state officials.
9. Fund Raising: Ensure creation of regional capital, deferred giving, major gifts and other related regional fundraising programs through donor identification, cultivation and solicitation consistent with the KidsPeace model and culture of philanthropy.
10. Customer Relations and Marketing: Assure excellent regional customer relations, participation in the development and implementation of a regional annual marketing plan, and contribute to the overall positive customer relations efforts of KidsPeace.
11. Strategic Advisor: Serve as a key advisor to the VP for Programs on all matters of organizational operation and the projected impact of anticipated strategic actions on operations.
12. All other duties as assigned by management.


1. Leadership: Able to initiate action, make good judgments, give direction and motivate others.
2. Communication: Able to give clear information, orally and in writing, listen effectively, negotiate, and get unbiased information. Able to communicate with all levels of staff in addition to internal and external customers.
3. Benchmarking: Able to collect information on models of excellence from inside and outside the organization, apply that information to new situations and bring about improvement.
4. Developing People: Able to train, coach, counsel, delegate, appraise people and performance, and develop people so they can perform at a higher level or exercise a broader responsibility.
5. Interdepartmental Cooperation: Able to form bonds with other associates outside the area of responsibility, analyze problem areas or area of potential cooperation, and work effectively on common concerns.
6. Compliance: Understands and rigorously follows all compliance policies and procedures of KidsPeace.
7. Self Development and Feedback: Actively seeks constructive feedback and implements self-improvement plans that build on personal strengths and develop areas in need of improvement.
8. Mission, Vision, Values Aligned: Demonstrates passion for helping children and families facing crisis, values integrity, excellence and charity. Supports organizational leadership and efforts to advance the mission.
9. Quality Improvement: Regularly and proactively uses continuous quality improvement techniques, formal evaluations and feedback, and benchmarking to set new improvement goals and processes. Initiates effective improvement programs, serves on quality committees and teams. Demonstrates understanding of, or has achieved formal training in PDCA, Six Sigma, TQM, CQI, or other formal quality program.

Qualifications (Education, Training and Experiences)

1. Master’s degree in Human Services or appropriate related discipline, and significant and successful leadership experience in a multi-service, multi-site human services or related organizational setting of significant size and scope.
2. A minimum of four years experience in the child care field.
3. Licensure as clinical professional strongly preferred.
4. Must be at least 21 years of age.
5. Valid driver’s license required.
6. SCM Observer level required.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions

These are physical and mental requirements of the position as it is typically performed. Inability to meet one or more of these physical or mental requirements will not automatically disqualify a candidate or employee from the position.

Upon request for a reasonable accommodation, the Company may be able to adjust or excuse one or more of these requirements, depending on the requirement, the essential functions to which it relates, and the proposed accommodation.

1. Able to implement and carry out emergency management and crisis procedures and protocols.
2. Able and willing to independently travel up to 10% of the time.
3. Must have the ability to sit, stand, and/or walk for extended periods of time.
4. Must have the ability to work with hands and have manual dexterity for clerical activities suchas typing and filing for moderate periods to time.
5. Must be able to receive and give detailed information through verbal and written communication. Must be proficient in the English language.
6. Must have the ability to move in excess of 25 pounds through lifting and have the ability to push or pull in excess of 50 pounds on a limited basis, if needed.
7. Works with no substantial exposure to environmental conditions but may work while subjected to environmental conditions for minimal periods of time for outdoor recreational activities.
8. Works around socially and emotionally disturbed clients.
9. Must have the ability to work evenings, weekends, holidays, flexible hours and overtime as required.