Clinical Director

Organization Name

Georgia Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries


Baxley, GA

Opening Date

June 1, 2023

Closing Date

July 31, 2023


Clinical Director
Community Counseling Center, Baxley
This is a full-time position.

Primary Job Responsibilities are:
• Work cohesively with the Administrator of PQI. Demonstrate leadership, develop teamwork and function as a contributing member of the Community Child & Adolescent Services (CCAS) team.
• Plan, supervise, coordinate and evaluate the CCAS program.
• Process payroll and finance in accordance with agency procedures and standards.
• Provide clinical leadership to program staff. Train and supervise program staff through individual and group supervision, as well as staff meetings; ensuring staff are trained and follow agency procedures and guidelines in risk management.
• Develop and implement a comprehensive plan of staff development, including orientation for new staff, utilizing agency approved schedules, ensuring program staff achieve required training hours.
• Process new clients according to agreed procedures and standards, checking eligibility prior to first appointment.
• Responsible for checking the authorization of client services on external web-based programs, applying for service units for clients, and ensuring authorization requests are entered correctly in billing provider systems.
• Monitor billing hours for staff providing clinical service, ensuring required billable hours are met.
• Ensure client discharges and reports are completed in all systems as required by contracts and agency standards.
• Serve as liaison for the agency with the psychiatrist and nurse.
• Ensure program staff completes all documentation and reports in a professional and timely manner.
• Review and approve all session notes before billing, ensuring notes meet all audit requirements, including all necessary supporting evidence required in content, as well as the correct HIPAA code and any designated modifier.
• Check electronic billing system and notifications for billing errors at least bi-weekly and ensure all errors are corrected and cleared promptly.
• Refer clients and/or family members to community resources or to specialist as necessary.
• Provide support for the therapist to work with the family members/custody holders of clients.
• Prepare and conduct staff performance appraisals on schedule.
• Coordinate and participate in PQI process including the preparation, implementation and evaluation of program strategic plan/input in agency strategic plan process.
• Review and monitor case files for internal and external PQI standards.
• Effectively utilize computer software systems used by the agency and contractors to support client records and requirements.
• Remain apprised of issues relating to licensure, accreditation standards, coordinate service reviews and monitor compliance to standards.
• Prepare, implement and evaluate program strategic plan/input in agency strategic plan process.
• Provide an on-call plan which assures an appropriate clinical staff member is always available to respond to clients’ crisis needs. Provide support during crisis situations and ongoing de-escalation.
• Utilize personal safety plan for managing emotions and interactions with staff and clients.

Minimum requirements:
• At least 25 years of age.
• Master’s degree (from an accredited school) that leads to state licensure. (LPC, LMFT, LCSW), four years of experience in the field, three of which must have included supervisory responsibilities.
• Possess a broad current knowledge of child welfare, childcare, service systems, therapeutic models and social sciences.
• Have the ability to manage time, set priorities and to organize and follow structured routines.
• Outstanding oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
• Basic computer skills with the ability to learn new software applications.
• Handle multiple tasks simultaneously.