Case Manager Supervisor

Organization Name

Families 4 Families


Loganville, GA

Opening Date

June 13, 2022

Closing Date

June 30, 2022


Case Manager Supervisor Manager

Agency Overview:
Families 4 Families is a non-profit, faith-based organization that partners with local churches to recruit, train, and support foster families. Our focus is a family-centered approach that engages the entire foster family as well as loving, supporting, and engaging the birth families. Our goal is to return children when at all possible. We believe the best forever family is the birth family.
Families 4 Families is a ministry. To not just take care of a foster children but also interacting with their family as well. Families 4 Families vision is come alongside the foster family and to support them in ministering to other families who are hurting in the foster care system. All employees will adhere to and follow our Statement of Faith and Position on Morality.

Case Manager Supervisor Responsibilities:
  • Report directly to Executive Director or Director of Foster Care
  • Abides by all agency policies and procedures, core values, mission.
  • Attend weekly planning meetings/trainings with Case Manager team
  • Complete 24 hours of training annually
  • Assist with Annual Employee Evaluations
  • Assist with annual audits from OPM and RCCL
  • Provides professional and administrative leadership to case managers which includes but isn’t limited to the training of new case managers, conducting weekly meetings, making case assignments, review of cases, and providing training and development of case manager skills
  • Provides leadership and assistance to case managers during holidays, weekends, and emergency case related needs
  • Participate and assist with case meetings including but not limited to home visits, school visits, court, and other case related meetings as needed
  • Fulfill the responsibilities of case manager as needed by the agency
  • Working with the case manager to ensure the safety and well-being of children at all times
  • Oversees and supports the placement of foster children in approved foster homes  Assist with the appropriateness of room, board, and watchful oversight
  • Act as a liaison between foster family and DFCS as needed
  • Assist the foster family in preparing the child to deal with unusual events and circumstances concerning their care and/or placement
  • Communicate with foster families about upcoming training requirements and continued education classes being offered
  • Work in partnership with DFCS to ensure child receives appropriate and timely services including medical, dental, educational, and behavioral and stays in contact with all providers as needed
  • Provides pastoral support to children and families
  • Works in partnership with DFCS, GAL, and other services providers
  • To maintain confidentiality  Provides pastoral care to foster families
  • Maturity to navigate high stressful situations
  • Displays a strong discernment and decision-making skills
  • Assisting with completing Bi-Annual Reviews on foster child cases. Upon completion will provide a copy to the case manager and upload in the child’s file. Will monitor to ensure case manager follows up on needed items for child’s file.
  • Report significant events into GA+SCORE and approve in extendedReach. Will ensure accuracy of both reports to include how DFCS was notified.
  • Ensures approval for employee documentation in SHINES.
  • Assist with project planning to further agency goals and objectives.
  • Completes other duties as assigned

  • Have a minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited college/university in a human service or behavioral science field.
  • A minimum of at least 2 years experience working in foster care.
  • Full-time Georgia resident
  • No Criminal Background
  • Own, drive, and maintain an automobile in good working condition, receiving a reimbursement for agency mileage
  • Understand that this job will require some evening and weekend hours of employment, and some after-hour on call responsibilities.