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The Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter has been fortunate to experience a few success stories within the past year. A sibling group of two that had been at the shelter for over a year, survived traumas at a young age with their biological family, and re-entered care after a failed adoption were finally united with their forever family. They were in the beginning of the adoption process for a second time, but were able to go home right in time for the holidays. Another young girl that had lost her mother and father was incarcerated, was finally reunited with her sister and niece in another state after she had not seen either for over a year.  A recent RHY client who entered the program with no other place to go, exited the program to permanency with his mom and uncle. A couple years ago, a teenage girl was adopted by an Advocates’ volunteer and she now gives back to our children at the shelter by providing meals. (Provided by Emily Spruill, HSP)


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