WinShape Homes’ Success Story


At WinShape Homes, our goal is to bring hurting children into loving, Christ-centered homes. Being in the foster care space, we do most of our work in person; that meant almost everything had to change when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

For our Foster Care program, we adapted by reinventing ourselves, transitioning from face-to-face visits with our families to virtual check-ins. Our pre-service and continuing education opportunities were converted to a virtual platform, and we held virtual IMPACT classes with our church partners. 

The House Parents in our Group Care program did a fantastic job of taking on virtual school and homeschooling when education systems went remote. Their commitment to caring for the children in their homes — especially in the midst of a time that felt so unsure for everyone — is something we are very thankful for. 

Our counseling department moved all of their sessions to a virtual platform, and they experienced some great success. We learned that, for some children, using a virtual platform works very well — much more so than we expected. We also sent out personalized activity boxes, provided meal support, and implemented virtual support groups for our parents during the months of restriction.

Ultimately, we reimagined how to care for our families. Over time we began to move back to in-person visits for families, making sure to enforce all recommended health and safety guidelines. Just this summer, we have finalized two adoptions and one permanency through kinship. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s the resiliency of our ministry and our parents. Our work doesn’t stop for anything, and we’re grateful to be able to continue serving the children and parents in our homes.


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