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Date Watch/Update Link to page
20190821 Training Update Our Worldview: from cultural awareness to cultural competence
20190228 Provider Update From the Office of Child Advocate for Georgia's Children
20190211 Provider Update What Keeps Direct Care Workers on the job?
2019/0207 Training Update Leadership Development for Frontline Staff
2018/11/27 Welfare Watch Today is Georgia Gives Day
2018/11/07 Welfare Watch November is National Adoption Month
2018/11/066 Training Update Why should I monitor child development?
2018/09/26 Welfare Watch Schools try to thwart a troubling trend: childhood suicide
2018/09/06 Provider Watch Weekend Retreat for Region 5 foster parents, relative, and fictive kin caregivers
2018/08/22 Training Update multiple listing
2018/08/02 Provider Update Free Clothing and Supplies for Foster Children
2018/07/12 Training Update Telemental Health: Click Here for Your Next Client
2018/06/06 Provider Update Youth Town Hall 6/27/18
2018/05/30 Provider Update Family First Prevention Services Act orientation 6/12
2018/05/25  Provider Update  Destination of Hope provider meeting 6/28
2018/05/14 Provider Update Georgia EmpowerMEnt & GARYSE(ILP) ARRIVE ALIVE Webinar 5/15
2018/05/11 Welfare Watch How can we stop the youth suicide crisis?
2018/05/02 Training Update Effective Supervision
2018/04/09 Provider Update Practice Matters meeting 4/18
2018/04/09 Provider Update Trainings for Foster Parents Increase Placement Stability
2018/03/30 Training Update  Leadership Development for Frontline Staff
2018/01/16 Training Update Effective Teams and Collaboration

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