Navigator & Behavioral Health Intake Specialist

Organization Name


Atlanta, GA

Opening Date

November 7, 2022

Closing Date

December 31, 2022


The Intake Specialist will be assigned to the Families First main office to conduct central intake duties for a multitude of Families First programs and/or services. Families First is positioning to expand its’ current reach and serve Spanish speaking clients and/or communities. Intake Specialist must speak fluent Spanish. Responsible for executing the agency mission of building resilient families so all children thrive.

A summary of duties include: greeting guests of the organization; responding to phone call inquiries and program referrals; receiving payment for services; maintaining confidentiality related to aspects of client, staff and agency information; composition of routine letters regarding specific inquiries; gathering and documenting basic information, preliminary determination of the agency's ability to provide needed services, and assignment of a first appointment or making an appropriate referral to other community resources; maintain confidentiality related to aspects of client, staff and agency information.

• Answers calls promptly, gathers basic information accurately, route calls appropriately, if applicable.
• Consistently responds to referrals within a timely manner (24-48 hours), including processing referrals for Spanish/ English speaking clients.
• Works as a member of the Navigator and Counseling Assessment teams, specifically conducting applicable intake assessments in English and Spanish.
• Conducts intake of applicable Families First programs i.e., Navigator, Counseling, and Parenting Plus etc.
• Follows up and sends out ongoing reminders to families/clients who are scheduled for intakes.
• Tracks and tabulates intakes, appointments kept, cancelled by client, cancelled by staff, etc.
• Answers inquiries about the company.
• Greets visitors warmly and ensure they are seen in a timely manner.
• Contacts the applicable Families First staff when a visitor has an appointment. Ascertain which Families First staff to connect a “walk-in” visitor who needs assistance.
• Makes assessments during in person or telephonic request for initial appointments to determine that their needs and eligibility status can be met by Families First services; refers callers to other agencies when their needs cannot be met by the Agency.
• Maintains current knowledge of agency programs including program eligibility requirements.
• Obtains, input and track data/information i.e., insurance benefits of clients; fee for services (when applicable); copays; waiting lists; referral lists, payer authorizations, etc.
• Locate community resources for Navigators and Counselors.
• Executes assigned duties associated with the Counseling Program including the Clinical Activity Monitoring System (CAMS).
• Provides applicable weekly/monthly/annual reports for Leadership Team.
• Manages conference room reservations for meetings, events, etc.
• Assists members of Executive Administration with preparing for Agency meetings (i.e., internal and external meetings set up) as well as during facilitation (i.e., guests/facilitator’s needs, etc.) of meetings.
• Assists with applicable internal and external agency events.
• Uploads postage and process DV’s for payment.
• Process requisition orders for office supplies for agency staff members and departments.
• Provide relief for front desk personnel on an as needed basis.
• Directs and organizes donations and organize and catalog donations as well as assist with tracking donor information when applicable.
• Conducts outreach duties for identified Families First programs and/or services.
• Other duties as assigned

• Must have strong communication skills, both verbal and written, including fluent in Spanish.
• Ability to multi-tasks as well as prioritize task(s) to effectively execute daily workload.
• Ability to create systems that track referrals, waiting lists and other applicable data.
• Experience with creating tracking spreadsheets, inputting information in databases and/or an electronic case record system(s).
• Ability to demonstrate an understanding of ethical conduct practices including confidentiality, authorization for releases, some HIPAA practices, etc.
• Requires some flexibility with work schedules including weekends in order to assist with events, meetings, special projects, new programs, etc.
• Demonstrates ability to respond appropriately to the cultural differences among the Agency's service population.
• Proven problem solver, who can work both in a team-like environment as well as independently.
• Takes the initiative including utilizing a problem solving and a solution focus approach.
• Demonstrates consistent time management skills and the ability to meet multiple deadlines.
• Must have a welcoming, warm, professional, empathetic, non-judgmental approach with potential clients, vendors, volunteers, Board members, and agency staff, etc. when communicating over the phone, responding to emails, accepting referrals, scheduling appointments, soliciting information, greeting visitors, etc.
• Demonstrates ability to respond appropriately to the cultural differences among the Agency's service population.

• Bachelor’s Degree preferred in Human Services, Business, or a similar degree or an Associate Degree with 3 years of experience. Will also consider candidates with a High School Diploma with 6 years of experience.
• Mid-level to intermediate computer skills.
• Ability to conduct assessments with clients
• Ability to manage data entry and system management skills; as well as develop data spreadsheets; preferably Sales Force experience/background.
• Experience working in a nonprofit, social service, and/or community-based organizations.
• Experience working within a communities where complex families/individuals need assistance and/or resources.
• Exceptional communication skills (both verbal and written), including bilingual Spanish speaking.

• Good listener
• Dependable
• Tolerant/non-judgmental
• Compassionate/empathetic/patient
• Takes the initiative
• Problem Solver
• Creative • Energetic/Eager to Learn
• Models Professionalism