Executive Director of Foster Care

Organization Name

Families 4 Families


Loganville, GA

Opening Date

March 24, 2022

Closing Date

April 29, 2022


Executive Director/Director of Foster Care

Agency Overview:
Families 4 Families is a non-profit, faith-based organization that partners with local churches to recruit, train, and support foster families. Our focus is a family-centered approach that engages the entire foster family as well as loving, supporting, and engaging the birth families. Our goal is to return children when at all possible. We believe the best forever family is the birth family.

Families 4 Families is a ministry. To not just take care of a foster children but also interacting with their family as well. Families 4 Families vision is come alongside the foster family and to support them in ministering to other families who are hurting in the foster care system.

All employees will adhere to and follow our Statement of Faith and Position on Morality.

Executive Director Responsibilities:
  • Report directly to CEO  Abides by all agency policies and procedures, core values, mission.
  • Complete 24 hours of training annually  Administration of polices and procedures established by the Board of Directors
  • Administration of polices and procedures established by DFCS, OPM, and RCCL
  • Oversees the growth of the office that’s in alignment with the mission, vision, and core values of the agency
  • Oversees the interview and hiring process  Oversees the assignment of employee duties as it relates to the job description and responsibilities
  • Ensure all employees maintain and are current on required training hours
  • Conduct Annual Employee Evaluations
  • Oversee and assist with the day to day operations of the agency
  • Oversee any employee grievance and work towards successful resolution in accordance with the grievance policy
  • Oversee employee terminations as needed
  • Periodic and ongoing evaluation of the agency’s performance and progress.
  • Lead and develop the team through teaching and devotion
  • Assist with annual audits from OPM and RCCL
  • Act as a liaison between foster family and DFCS as needed
  • rovides pastoral support to children and families
  • Works in partnership with DFCS, GAL, and other services providers
  • To maintain confidentiality  Provides pastoral care to foster families
  • Maturity to navigate highly stressful situations
  • Displays a strong discernment and decision-making skills.
  • Completes other duties as assigned
  • Have a minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited college/university in a human service or behavioral science field.
  • A minimum of at least 2 years experience working in foster care.
  • Full-time Georgia resident
  • No Criminal Background
  • Own, drive, and maintain an automobile in good working condition, receiving a reimbursement for agency mileage
  • Understand that this job will require some evening and weekend hours of employment, and some after-hour on call responsibilities.