Director of Social Services

Organization Name


Atlanta, GA

Opening Date

September 1, 2022

Closing Date

September 30, 2022


Title: Director of Social Services
Reports to: Executive Director

Position Summary:
The Director of Social Services (DOSS) is assigned by the Executive Director to be the staff leader responsible for the foster care, adoptions and unplanned pregnancy counseling and assistance programs of the agency. The DOSS collaborates with the Executive Director on important programmatic issues and also serves functionally as the Deputy Director with limited executive responsibilities when the Executive Director is inaccessible to the agency.

The DOSS is the one primarily responsible for the agency’s compliance with RCCL licensing rules, agency policies and all applicable regulations. The DOSS is also the lead person assigned to our relationship with the Council on Accreditation (COA).

Primary Responsibilities
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and needs of existing programs, make recommendations for program changes, and continually strive to strengthen the quality of each program.
  • Stay abreast of changing trends in the field of child welfare and help keep the agency responsive to the emerging professional environment.
  • Assist with the recruitment, selection, and employment of social service personnel.
  • Help in the preparation of the agency’s budget for social service expenditures and help provide control over those expenditures according to the approved budget.
  • Assure the agency’s compliance with RCCL licensing regulations and RBWO contract requirements.
  • Be proactive in managing affairs and dealing with potential problems.
  • Responsible for the quality of work of all personnel who report to the Director of Social Services and for the agency’s overall performance in the provision of its child placing programs.
  • Participate in the marketing plan and monitor and supervise the overall effort to recruit and retain foster families.
  • Foster Parent retention and recruitment.
  • Monitor and assist with supervision, as appropriate, of casework activities in the provision of services to adoptive parents and privately surrendered children in foster care.
  • Public speaking on behalf of agency, as requested.
  • Provide in-service training to staff and foster parents, as appropriate.
  • Provide intervention services during times of problems and crises to foster parents, foster or adoptive children and birth parents, as necessary and where appropriate.
  • Act as the point of contact for COA staff during the accreditation/reaccreditation process.
  • Complete other tasks not otherwise specified as assigned by the Executive Director.

    Moral and Religious Qualifications
    As Georgia Agape is affiliated with the Churches of Christ, only individuals who can accept and support our mission statement will be considered for the position of Director of Social Services. Also, due to the Christian affiliation of the agency, only individuals who maintain high moral standards in accordance with Christian principles and values will be considered.

    Education, Experience and Knowledge Required
    The Director of Social Services shall possess a master’s degree in a social science field and have a minimum of three years of child placing and administrative experience. This individual shall have demonstrated skills in supervising and managing social service programs.

    The Director of Social Services shall possess a strong work ethic and be able to handle the stress and pressure that comes from a busy work environment. This individual shall also have good interpersonal skills and be emotionally stable and secure. Strong organizational and communication (both oral and written) skills are also important qualities as the challenges of this workload will demand it.

    The Director of Social Services shall possess knowledge and training in understanding human behavior, child development and basic casework and counseling strategies. As an ongoing need, this individual must also be thoroughly knowledgeable of (1) licensing rules promulgated by the Georgia Division of Human Services; (2) Agape’s program policies and procedures; (3) Agape’s foster parent handbook; and (4) general standards for good social work practice in foster care and adoption services.