Director of PQI/Utilization

Organization Name

Georgia Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries


Palmetto, GA

Opening Date

November 22, 2022

Closing Date

January 31, 2023


Minimum requirements:
At least 25 years of age
Master’s degree from an accredited school in Social Services, five years of experience in the field, three of which must have included supervisory responsibilities
Possess a broad current knowledge of child welfare, childcare service systems, therapeutic models, social sciences, and mental health
Ability to manage time, set priorities and to organize and follow structured routines
Clinical skills for family systems, cognitive behavioral and insight-oriented therapy
Ability to travel statewide
Ability to work in close setting with many types of staff
Ability to work independently as a self-starter
Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills
Basic computer skills with the ability to learn new software applications
Handle multiple tasks simultaneously

Primary job responsibilities are:
Utilization Manager
Ensure the development and implementation of procedures for the maintenance of client records
Ensure Agency compliance in client records with programmatic standards, including COA, state and other regulatory licensing rules, and Agency policy and procedures
Monitor client records to ensure treatment plan, authorization, deliverables, and documentation are in accordance with state and federal guidelines for billing from these entities
Utilize personal safety plan for managing emotions and interactions with staff and clients.
Coordinate with information technology staff to ensure electronic filing of client records
Serve as privacy and security officer regarding client records

Performance Quality Improvement
Develop and implement quality improvement program that measures compliance in relations to Counsel on Accreditation standards
Analyze statistical data and write reports with recommendations based on the outcomes of the analysis
Ensure all quality improvement groups meet regularly and produce written documentation in a timely manner
Coordinate changes to meet PQI compliance goals
Ensure compliance with programmatic standards, including state and other regulatory licensing rules and regulations and Agency policy and procedures
Coordinate preparations for accrediting and licensing reviews
Assist in formulation of outcome goals with management, supervision, and staff for Agency programs
Develop outcome reports to meet the needs of the Board of Trustees, administration, and program service staff to measure and evaluate outcomes based on expectations in compliance with programmatic standards, including grants, COA, state and other regulatory licensing rules and regulations, and Agency policy and procedures