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Together Georgia is the new name of our state’s most venerable organization for child and family services providers: the Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children (GAHSC).

Since its inception 50 years ago, GAHSC has been a tireless champion of children all across the Peach State.

We’re proud of what GAHSC has accomplished over its long history. And now we've fundamentally redesigned the organization to add even more value to the hard-working providers serving Georgia’s children and families!

What We Offer

A community of child and family service providers who understand and support you


A clear, consistent path for the future of Georgia children and families


Proven ability to reach key decision-makers on members' behalf


Regular member meetings and special gatherings to talk shop and brainstorm


Staff training and regular news bulletins with critical changes and information

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Member Benefits

Incredible Value For Busy Service Providers

Service providers now must do even more with fewer resources. Everyone is feeling stretched thinner as budgets get ever tighter!

But the challenges remain the same. How can you

  • get the information you need to make the best decisions for your organization?
  • leverage top-quality training to enable you and your team to work effectively?
  • lobby the elected officials who make critical decisions that impact you?
Together Georgia provides all these valuable benefits to its member community for a surprisingly low investment. In fact, you'll find that your membership usually pays for itself and that the savings can start to multiply rapidly!



Develop Your Organization


Members receive a 25% discount on Council Of Accreditation fees.


Our professional advocacy team assures your voice is heard.


Dialogue with important stakeholders.


Together Georgia is a strong stakeholder respected by state leadership.

Extensive Corporate Sponsorships

Our members can save thousands of dollars every year! Contact us for more info.



We're Watching!

Welfare Watch is a free email newsletter to those interested in child welfare in Georgia. Subscribe!

Provider Update is a free email newsletter to inform all providers of children and family services in Georgia about recent events and announcements. Subscribe!


Date Watch/Update Link to page
20180906 Provider Watch Weekend Retreat for Region 5 foster parents, relative, and fictive kin caregivers
2018/08/22 Training Update multiple listing
2018/08/02 Provider Update Free Clothing and Supplies for Foster Children
2018/07/12 Training Update Telemental Health: Click Here for Your Next Client
2018/06/06 Provider Update Youth Town Hall 6/27/18
2018/05/30 Provider Update Family First Prevention Services Act orientation 6/12
2018/05/25  Provider Update  Destination of Hope provider meeting 6/28
2018/05/14 Provider Update Georgia EmpowerMEnt & GARYSE(ILP) ARRIVE ALIVE Webinar 5/15
2018/05/11 Welfare Watch How can we stop the youth suicide crisis?
2018/05/02 Training Update Effective Supervision
2018/04/09 Provider Update Practice Matters meeting 4/18
2018/04/09 Provider Update Trainings for Foster Parents Increase Placement Stability
2018/03/30 Training Update  Leadership Development for Frontline Staff
2018/01/16 Training Update Effective Teams and Collaboration

The 2017 Welfare & Provider Watches is here.

The archive of Welfare & Provider Watches from previous years is here.


Upcoming Events

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What They're Saying

Together GA, as the foremost and most recognizable umbrella association for child welfare agencies in Georgia, has provided Bethany Christian Services of GA excellent opportunities to engage and partner with other child and family services agencies. It has also afforded incredible learning and advocacy opportunities as it continues its tireless efforts promoting the wellbeing of children in the State. I sincerely value the support we receive from the team at Together GA.

Mavis E. Williamson

Through our membership with Together GA, we have been able to increase our presence in the community. There's a spirit of collaboration, communication, and education. Our Mission is "We Build Families" and we seek to work alongside others who share that mission. Together GA provides a space for us to share our challenges and our accomplishments. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of an organization with a legislative presence and strong voice of advocacy.

Together Georgia is a conduit for communication among child welfare professionals where we can share ideas, solve problems and create successful changes for the future of Georgia’s children and families. With professional collaboration and a strong, influential legislative voice, it brings great value and connectivity to The Methodist Home.

Douglas L. Mead

As the CEO of a child-placing agency which is seeking to be the best we can be, it is imperative to engage with, collaborate with and have influence on colleagues, policy makers and legislators who impact the work we do. GAHSC [now Together Georgia] provides the best way to accomplish this.

Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services, Inc. has been a member of GAHSC [now Together Georgia] for 20 years. Through membership youth and family serving agencies can more effectively advocate, educate and in-form; advocate for Georgia's children and families; educate one another on best and most promising practices; [and] inform public policy makers, legislators and funders. Join us and make a difference!


Welfare Watch is a free email newsletter to those interested in child welfare in Georgia. Subscribe!

Provider Update is a free email newsletter to inform all providers of children and family services in Georgia about recent events and announcements. Subscribe!


Date Watch/Update Link to page
 2016/12/22  Provider Watch Local business owner organizes shopping spree for Methodist Home children
2016/12/20 Welfare Watch 'Be Rich' builds relationships with local community
2016/12/19 Welfare Watch Home for the Holidays and more...
2016/12/13 Training Update 2017 First Quarter Training
2016/12/13 Provider Watch GPSN E-News December 2016
2016/12/08 WellfareWatch Barton Child Law and Policy Center Action Alert 
2016/11/30 Provider Monthly Provider Monthly November 30, 2016
2016/11/30 Provider Update Updated DFCS directories and regional/district maps
2016/11/18 Welfare Watch Child welfare groups underpaid, memo shows
2016/11/17 Welfare Watch Georgia Gives Day 11/17/16
 2016/11/14  Training Update  Mission vs. Margin 
2016/11/09 Provider Watch Private Provider meeting scheduled in Region 9 with DFCS Director, Bobby Cagle 11/29/16
 2016/11/03  Welfare Watch 2016 GCCF Award Recipients recognized 
2016/10/21 Provider Watch Foster caregiver weekend retreat (Project F.R.E.E. year 2 planning)
2016/10/13 Provider Watch Orange Duffel Bag Initiative
2016/09/30 Provider Monthly Provider Monthly September 20, 2016
2016/09/28 Welfare Watch Family First Day of Action
 2016/09/23 Provider Update   Foster Youth Survey Response Email
2016/09/14 Welfare Watch Embark UGA Admissions Recruitment Event - October 7
2016/09/13 Provider Update Practice Matters 9/27/16
2016/09/12 Provider Update Private Provider meeting scheduled in Region 6 with DFCS Director, Bobby Cagle 9/27/16
 2016/09/08  Provider Update   Georgia Child Abuse Conference 9/15/  16
2016/8/31 Provider Monthly August 31, 2016
2016/08/25 Provider Watch Together Georgia Executive Director presents to DHS Board
2016/8/23  Welfare Watch  Equipping youth to transition out of foster care
2016/08/03 Provider Watch Orange Duffel Bag Initiative After School Coaching Programs
2016/08/02 Provider Watch Courting Foster Kids
2016/08/01 Provider Update Private Provider meeting scheduled in Region 4 with DFCS Director, Bobby Cagle 8/16/16
2016/07/27 Provider Update Georgia's Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program Overview Webinar
2016/07/26 Provider Watch The Children's Home Mourns the Loss of Retired President and CEO Bev Cochran
2016/07/21 Provider Watch Together Georgia Welcome new member, Comprehensive Care Associates
2016/07/18 Training Update Training Update July 18, 2016 - Principles of Effective Behavior Management
2016/07/12 Provider Update Caregiver Resources at FosterGeorgia.com
2016/07/11 Provider Update ILP workshop improvement discussion 7/15/16
2016/07/07 Provider Update Practice Matters Meeting 9/27/16
2016/07/06 Provider Watch Help a Refugee Child Get a Great Start in the U.S.
2016/06/30 Welfare Watch Safety First
2016/06/29 Welfare Watch Georgia begins new child abuse registry July 1, 2016 that may include youth ages 13 and older
2016/06/27 Provider Update DOL Revision of Overtime - provider response requested
2016/06/21 Welfare Watch 2016 National KIDS COUNT Rankings Released
2016/06/20 Provider Watch Together Georgia welcomes new member, The Ministry Village
2016/06/16 Provider Watch DHS Alert - Water and Heat Safety
2016/06/13 Provider Watch Twin Cedars Youth Services, Inc. is Stewards Leaderboard Wining Organization
2016/06/09 Welfare Watch Scholarships - Accepting Applications in June - Early College & Achieve Atlanta Scholarships Included
2016/06/02 Provider Watch GPSN June Newsletter 2016
2016/05/26 Training and Concerence Update Training and Conference Update May 26, 2016
2016/05/26 Provider Watch Project F.R.E.E. update-Partner Orientation
2016/05/24  Welfare Watch   Look Before You Lock
2016/05/06 Training and Conference Update Training and Conference Update
2016/05/07 Provider Watch Help Lutheran Services of Georgia Transform Lives of People in Need
2016/05/05 Provider Watch DPH Training Flyer for Foster Parents
2016/05/04 Provider Watch CMHD agenda for 5/5/16
2016/05/04 Reminder Region 2 Providers to meet with DFCS Director 5/12/16
2016/05/04 Welfare Watch Children's Mental Health Day 5/5/16
2016/05/03 Provider Watch Discover Derby Style
2016/05/03 Welfare Watch National Foster Care Month
2016/05/02 Welfare Watch CollegeBound - apply today!
2016/04/29 Provider Watch Reminder - Region 2 Provider please pass along to ILP Youth
2016/04/22 Provider Watch Multi Million Dollar UGA Grant/Partnership with Behavioral Health Providers (next in series)
2016/04/21 Provider Watch Region 2 Providers to meet with DFCS Director 5/12/16
2016/04/20 Training Update Trends in Child Welfare Policy and Practice in Georgia
2016/04/20 Provider Watch Director Cagle to meet with ILP eligible youth 5/10/16
2016/04/15 Provider Watch GPSN Art & Poetry Contest for Children's Mental Health
2016/04/12 Welfare Watch Prevention Resource Guide Now Available
2016/04/05 Provider Watch Practice Matters meeting 4/22/16
2016/04/05 Provider Watch Providers to meet with DFCS Director 4/14/16
2016/03/25 Welfare Watch Summer STEAM Program
2016/03/24 Provider Update The Ethical Provision of Teleconferencing Based Supervision and Supervision for the Ethical Use of E-communications 4/1/16
2016/03/21 Training Update Upcoming Telehealth 3/24 and 4/1, Supervision 4/1 and Management training 3/31 + NEW training 4/21, Understanding the Health and Mental Health Needs of Children in Foster Care
2016/03/17 Welfare Watch Child Abuse Prevention Awareness
2016/03/16 Welfare Watch Georgia Commission on Family Violence 2015 Annual Report
2016/03/16 Welfare Watch Fetal and infant intrauterine trauma effects webinar offered 4/27/16 and 5/4/16
2016/03/14 Provider Watch & Training Update Advanced Issues in Supervisory Ethics 4/1/16
2016/03/09 Provider Update Please Share! - Practice Matters, We Can't Do it Without You
2016/03/07 Training Update Mid-Manager Leadership Development 3/31/16
2016/03/03 Provider Watch Response Requested for Upcoming Practice Matters Meeting
2016/02/18 Provider Watch Train-the-trainer Session for Providers who work with ILP eligible youth 2/25/16
2016/02/29 Training Professional Development: Mental Health Ethics and the Provision of Telemental Services: A Detailed Overview for Mental Health Clinicians 3/24/2016
2016/02/02 Training Update Effective Teams & Collaboration 2/25/2016
2016/01/29 Welfare Watch Georgia Child Fatality Review
2016/01/25 Welfare Watch Independent Living Program (ILP) February Workshops
2016/01/19 Welfare Watch Together Georgia Day at the Capitol 1/20/16
2016/01/05 Provider Update Woman places faith in strangers, hopes to build better life

The archive of Welfare & Provider Watches from previous years is here.


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