Daily Update November 10, 2016

Recruitment Flyer 

This went out earlier in the month but after today’s great Home in 5 meeting I wanted to send it out again!  Attached is the marketing committee’s “Thanksgiving” recruitment flyer!  As always I’ve attached the WORD version so you can edit it and add your agency information!

Please think of a creative way to use this recruitment tool and let me know how you use it!  That’s an actual CHALLENGE to you!  So far, after six months of these really cute flyers no one has ever emailed to say “here’s what I did” and I KNOW you guys are using it – brag about it!

As always we appreciate everyone’s support to bring OUR kids Home in 5!  Visit the Home in 5 Facebook page to share this flyer with all of your friends and family!

Audrey Brannen, LCSW
Region V Field Program Specialist 
Walton County Interim Director
Division of Family and Children Services

Phone: 706-621-1490

link to flyer

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The Georgia Conference on Children and Families  - November 2-4, 2016