Family Consultant / Case Manager
Norcross, GA
Creative Community Services

The Family Consultant will have an understanding of the Therapeutic Foster Care Population and needs. The Family Consultant will be able to provide a supportive and caring relationship to children and personally interact in a therapeutic manner with the children and their TFC parents. Will be primary owner of the youth’s Individual Service Plan (ISP) goals and serves a primary owner for the development of and support of this treatment plan. The Family Consultant will understand and monitor the policy that corporal punishment is prohibited and considered an unacceptable response under any circumstance. The Family Consultant will maintain a positive, collaborative, working relationship with professionals, peers, educational programs and staff, TFC parents and youth. The Family Consultant will understand the importance of maintaining confidentially. Will be able to provide information concerning the youth’s history, birth family, diagnosis, medical information, current functioning. The Family Consultant will possess and maintain accurate and effective written and verbal/presentation skills and be able to use effective, basic computer skills. The Family Consultant will be dependable, emotionally stable and physically capable of performing job duties. This position requires some physical functions that are considered essential to satisfactory performance of the outlined job responsibilities, i.e. sitting, standing, walking, driving, speaking, and hearing.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Ensure that all youth are living in safe places that promote their individual growth and therapeutic needs
• Attend admission and ISP meetings and oversee implementation of interventions and services to youth and serve as the primary leader in providing, securing and overseeing services for youth
• Complete all necessary paperwork in a timely manner
• Responsible for a timely completion of all required documentation: case notes, logs, mediation forms, etc. Provide written ISP reports on all assigned cases in prescribed timeframes
• Participate in agency on-call rotation.
• The Family Consultant has weekly contacts with the youth and TFC family and more if needed. At a minimum of one monthly contact with TFC family and youth together.
• Participate in scheduled supervision with Clinical Supervisor
• Will serve as an advocate for the youth
• Will attend Weekly Unit Meetings and Monthly Staff Meetings and other meetings as assigned
• Report Incidents to Creative Community Services' Child Advocate
• Will attend weekly Placement Meetings as requested
• Will meet requirements of a Mandated Reporter per Georgia and federal law
• Develop working knowledge of the KaleidaCare system, SHINES and Georgia Score
• Become familiar with Office of Regulatory Services' rules and regulations related to TFC department
• Provide support to the youth and family
• The Family Consultant is responsible for the up keep of each Consumer's chart, which house complete records of the consumer obtained at the time of referral and admission; to include, documentation of work performed on the consumer while in placement, and the charting of the Consumer's progress while serving as the provider. Chart audits are to be performed monthly and quarterly and will be reviewed face to face by the Family Consultant and his/her supervisor (If applicable). Any corrections, revisions will be made in a timely manner and all charts will be up-to-date as prescribed by supervisor and TFC Director.
• Must have the ability to effectively write SOAP notes.
• Contact notes must be completed on KaleidaCare computer system
• Will have automobile for transportation with clients and necessary automobile insurance
• Must follow policy and procedure accordingly to Creative Community Service, Inc.'s precepts
• Family Consultant are required to be available to families and youth weekdays (Monday 8:30 am – Friday 5:00pm) and on weekends on-call (Friday 5:00pm-Monday 8:30 am) as scheduled.
• Family Consultants are required to have a valid driver’s license as well as a reliable vehicle

The person in this position will demonstrate ability to work from a trauma focused, solution oriented and family focused frame of reference. The Family Consultant position requires and individual with an understanding of the concept of therapeutic foster care. The position requires a Bachelor's Degree in a Human Service field and experience working with children and families. This person will
be required to analyze and react to difficult situations, often under considerable stress and pressures. Decisions will be guided by established policy and procedure. Because of this position's high visibility, the Family Consultant shall possess skills in public relations. This person must have the ability to establish and maintain working relationships with donors, public agencies, and departments of government, and the general public as well as with consumers, parents and program personnel.

The individual must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and be able to obtain a driver's license in the state of Georgia. This individual must be able to obtain a cellular telephone, as the position serves as on-call support to other employees, foster families and youth. In addition, this person must be able to effectively relate to all social economic, ethnic and educational backgrounds. The Family Consultant must be able to work with a minimum of direct supervision.


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